ACI publishes a number of documents that are available for purchase by World Business Partners at the Member Rate. ACI publications cover a wide range of topics on airport statistics, safety operations, facilitation and information technology to name a few. Examples of publications include:

  • A Guide to Airport Performance Measures
  • ACI Airport Economics Survey 2011
  • ACI Annual World Airport Traffic Report (WATR)
  • ACI Airport Traffic Forecasting Manual 2011: a practical guide addressing best practice
  • Airside Safety Handbook 2010 - eBook
Click here to download the ACI Publications Catalogue or click here to access the Full Publications Listing on-line.

ACI also provides a number of FREE publications including:

ACI Policy and Recommended Practices Handbook (7th edition) 2009
This handbook is a compilation of the policy positions approved by the ACI membership. It contains the current organisational policies used by ACI World office and Regional Office staff and by ACI representatives at international meetings.

Position Briefs
ACI's mission is to speak on behalf of airports worldwide to help the public and our aviation partners understand our perspectives as partners in a complex aviation system. ACI has posted summary sheets that provide a brief synopsis on several key issues and priorities for airports examples of which are:
  • Introducing ACI
  • Understanding airport business
  • A global industry 10 Questions on climate change
  • Climate change
  • Aircraft noise
  • Environment
  • Airport Business
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Customer Service
  • Top 10 airports
  • Top 100 airports

Member Bulletins
ACI Member Bulletins are released periodically. These Bulletins contain information on matters ACI wants to communicate to its members. Recently published Bulletins can be accessed here:
  • Member Bulletin # 40 — Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launches new Airport Operators Sector Supplement on 8 June 2011 (06-06-2011)
  • Member Bulletin # 39 — 21st ACI World/ Africa Annual General Assembly (31-05-2011)
  • Member Bulletin # 38 — European Commission defers implementation of the partial lifting of restrictions on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) (02-05-2011)
  • Member Bulletin # 37 — ICAO Action Plans on Aviation CO2 Emissions (28-04-2011)
  • Member Bulletin # 36 — Partial lifting of LAGS restrictions at EU airports (19-04-2011)
  • Member Bulletin # 35 — Current situation for travel and transport to and from Japan (18-04-2011)


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