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The World Business Partners (WBP) Programme provides a unique platform to for you to interact with this dynamic airport industry, building a network of new contacts and exploring new business opportunities.

Why Join?

Membership in Airports Council International (ACI) will help to strengthen your company's position in the aviation industry, provide you with access to business leaders and decision makers, as well as give you the opportunity to help develop and promote the standards and policies governing airports today.

Membership Structure

WBP Membership is open to companies doing business with, for and at airports , or for an airport related industry. Every ACI Business Partner will designate a primary region, determined by where the majority of their yearly airport-related revenue is earned. While being a global programme, each region oversees the management of its own programme, which is reflected in the unique benefits if offers and its fee structures. For an additional fee, WBPs can become an Affiliate member of another region, which entitles them to greater benefits in that region.

Regional WBP Contacts

ACI WBP Africa
Ali Tounsi
Secretary General
WBP Africa Brochure & Application Form
ACI WBP North America
Member Services
WBP North America Brochure & Application Form

ACI WBP Europe
Yulia Plyusnina
Programme Development Coordinator
WBP Europe Brochure
WBP Europe Application Form

ACI WBP Latin America-Caribbean
Javier Martinez
Director General
WBP Latin America-Caribbean Brochure
WBP Latin America-Carribean Application Form
ACI WBP Asia-Pacific
Yulim Lee
Manager, Member Services & Events
WBP Asia-Pacific Brochure
WBP Asia-Pacific Application Form

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